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Cort Parkwood 370M - Review

Type Of Gear: Acoustic Guitars

Brand Name: Cort

Model: Parkwood 370M

Price: € 550 (new, Italy)

Review - Please try to include as many details as you can: Jumbo body with venetian cutaway, mahogany neck, back and sides, sitka spruce top, palisander fingerboard.Plain look,but classy and elegant. I\ll hardly get sick of it... Finish on back and sides is very thin and lets me feel the grain of the wood when I touch it. It's well built: no flaws at all in every part, in spite of the Korean origin... Black Grover machine heads allows this beauty to stay in tune after days of playing!!!

It has Fishman preamp with piezo pickup and a mic; it's possible to blend them by using a slider. It sounds warmer and more natural with the mic - obviously - but it gets easier to have feedback. Built in chromatic tuner.

Sound: in one word, well balanced. There's a Frequency control and a 3 way EQ, but basicly the sound is always loud - both acoustic and plugged - with sweets highs and clear lows. Just great, although it's not very personal, but in my opinion there's no better guitar for this price. This sound suits jazz and blues fingerstyle (the music I'm playing), but it's very versatile anyway. If stolen or lost, I'd definitely buy another one.

The bad part: I had to set the action (too high) after purchase. It's almost perfect now, easy to play with no buzz frets, but the octaves are not perfect. From the 12th fret on, I should slightly bend every note to get the right pitch, but it's quite difficult to notice while I'm playing. Hopefully, it's gonna get better with use (it also depends on the strings' quality)

Neck is very smooth and confortable, just the right size for my hand (maybe too thin for bigger hands)

Rating: 9

Additional Comments/Final Verdict: Look, sound, value for money. I'm very satisfacted. I should spend much more money for a better guitar.

Name: armando



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