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Hangman Guitar Stand - Review

Type of Gear: Guitar Parts and Accessories

Brand Name: The HANGMAN Guitar Stand

Model: The HANGMAN Guitar Stand

Price: $24.95

Review - Please try to include as many specific details as you can: The HANGMAN is an all-wood product, handcrafted in Canada, that turns your guitar case into a guitar stand. It fits inside your case and assembles in seconds. No more metal stands to worry about. No more parts to lose, bend or break. With The HANGMAN you can carry your guitar, guitar case and The HANGMAN all with one hand.

It looks great with your plush-lined case as a backdrop. It makes a great backline if you carry a few guitars around with you. It even makes a great in-store display.

Once set up, The HANGMAN is solid. It even acts like a mini table. It will hold your tuner, picks, slide, and even an ashtray and a drink or two.

With normal use it's virtually indestructable and should last a lifetime.

It's an ingenious invention to say the least.

Rating (On a Scale of 1-10): 9

Additional Comments/Final Verdict: I have been using The HANGMAN at gigs for several months and I can't get over how amazing it it. It's convenient and yet looks great onstage. I get a lot of comments about it. You can only order them on the net at:

Your Name (optional): Little Hootch


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