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PRS SE Custom Review

Type Of Gear: Electric Guitars

Brand Name: PRS

Model: SE Custom

Price: $540

Review - Please try to include as many details as you can: Features: This guitar was made in Korea, in 2005. It has a 25" scale mahogany neck with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. The body is solid basswood (I think) with a flat maple top and flamed maple veneer and is the general PRS shape. It has passive electronics with one volume and one tone knob, and a three way selector switch to switch between the PRS designed treble and bass pickups. It has a PRS designed stoptail bridge. The tuners are PRS designed non-locking.

First impression: Wow, this guitar is beautiful. You can see the natural grain of the wood. Feels nice, fits to my body perfectly.

Sound: This guitar has it all. I can play screaming high-gain harcore metal to jazz. I play it through a cube 60 and it sounds just amazing (I know it's solid state, but i'm getting an all-tube amp soon). When the distortion is cranked, the neck pickup sounds a little muddy, but who actually uses the neck pickup with high-distortion? When I play with a clean/crunch sound, the neck and bridge pickups sound excillent. This guitar produces such a full, rich sound it's awesome!

Action, Fit & Finish: I got this guitar in a grey/clear finish. There is not a single blemish on it. They have great quality control over at PRS and I wouldn't be nervious if I bought a PRS online. The strings bend with ease and the action is buttery smooth.

Reliability & Durability: I have gigged a few times with this. The only reason I would buy a backup guitar would be for alternate tunings. The strap holders hold the strap securly and firm.

Overall- Great guitar. There isn't a guitar in this price range that maches the quality of this guitar. The only thing I will do is add locking tuners to keep this baby in tune a little better when I do dive-bombs! This guitar can do it all-Jazz, blues, rock, hard rock, metal, w/e. If mine was stolen I would buy the exact same one I got. This guitar is awesome.

Rating: 9

Additional Comments/Final Verdict: Great buy! Plays all styles very well!

Name: Zack


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