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Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates - Review

Type of Gear: Guitar Parts and Accessories

Brand Name: Seymour Duncan

Model: Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates (bridge)

Price: US$90.00

Review - Please try to include as many specific details as you can: I installed this pickup in the bridge of a mid-range Strat-style solid body. I thought the stock pickups were decent, until I heard this one. Played straight through Marshall amps (100W 1x12 w/tube preamp, 30W solid state 1x10), it provides beautifully articulate sounds: from a glassy, slightly-fatter-than-Strat clean tone to chunky vintage-LP rhythm tones and screaming leads. Every nuance of technique is heard. Harmonics jump off the neck. The range of tones is incredible.

Drawbacks: 1) if your technique is a little sloppy, there's no mud to hide it; you'll every screw-up. 2) if installed in a stock Strat-type guitar,the absence of tone control is problematic; I will soon be rewiring, so I cantrim those searing highs when I'm not trying to cut through for a lead.

Rating (On a Scale of 1-10): 9

Additional Comments/Final Verdict: Hands-down, a great choice. No buyer's remorse here. The problem now is deciding what to put with it as I replace the other two pickups.

Your Name (optional): Ed

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