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Wesley Freeport ETL150OS Review

Type Of Gear: Electric Guitars

Brand Name: Wesley

Model: Freeport ETL150os

Price: £68.37

Review - Please try to include as many details as you can: The Wesley Freeport is losely based on a tele, at least in shape. Mine has a sunburst finish hollow alder body, with one bound f-hole (the lower part of the body is solid) A set 22 fret neck with dot markers on a rosewood fingerboard, 2 P90 esque (soap bar shape) pickups, 1 volume/1 tone pot, tunomatic style bridge/bridge and die cast tuners.

Rating: 10

Additional Comments/Final Verdict: It arrived with a faulty bridge pickup, I opened the back panel expecting to find a loose wire, but found a wire had been mistakenly cut and crudely taped together. No biggie to put right, but shouldn't have happened in the first place. That however was the only fault, this guitar is superb to play, with a great action out of the box. A bit of effort on my part means the action is now fantastic. Overall, it has more in common with a Les Paul type guitar, in particular, the neck, which is 'chunky' but very comfortable. Soundwise, it's best described as harsh or brittle, (don't expect sublety) but I love the sound. The P90's are hot, and a touch noisy when used with any amount of distortion when recording to my pc, but I can live with that. Maybe the weakest point is the tone pot, it's a bit all or nothing in use. The finish is near flawless, there's a couple of minor blemishes on the laquer, but at the price I paid, they barely warrant a mention.
I mention the price, the full list price is £129 and it is a bargain at that, so to get one for £68 as I did thro' Wesleys ebay auctions, is noithing more than a steal. A fantastic guitar that has to be highly recommended.

Name: Ian B


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